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10 Reasons to Choose Vonza As Your WordPress Alternative


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Vonza As WordPress Alternative

Creating a website has become fun and pain-free in recent years with some of the online website builders where you can easily create a full-fledged website with easy. WordPress for beginners is one of the most popular platforms for website creation that offers various features to all its customers, but we have got something much more advanced than a free WordPress course, and that is Vonza. Vonza is genuinely a perfect WordPress alternative in all terms. With WordPress you have to deal with WordPress plugins and developers to help you build the perfect website. With Vonza, you can have a chance to create a website and grow your online presence regardless of whether you are a time-pressured entrepreneur or a beginner. If you are a current WordPress user, you may find it a bit difficult to switch to Vonza as you may already love all its features, but with Vonza, you will get everything you love about WordPress and even much more than that. WordPress theme and WordPress plugins are all fantastic, but Vonza will offer you even more exclusive and customizable themes and plugins that will let you create a beautiful website. If you are still confused about whether Vonza will genuinely prove to be a perfect WordPress alternative, have a look at what makes Vonza the best website builder platform.


Vonza: Create a beautiful website for your business

Though you may get a free WordPress plugin with a WordPress website builder platform, you will not be able to create a beautiful website that you can easily create with Vonza. With Vonza, quickly build a website to help your business grow and serve your customers. It is truly a reliable website builder to design your high-quality website.


User-friendly CMS

A website builder must offer user-friendly CMS to all its customers seamlessly. If we compare WordPress and Vonza in terms of CMS, then undoubtedly, Vonza will outstand. Vonza is a strong CMS because it makes it easy for the admin to navigate through the entire backend of their Vonza created site, edit pages and upload new content. Vonza makes it simple to organize content without any tech knowledge.


Build responsive and mobile-friendly sites

In today's smart world, everybody wants everything on their smartphones so that they can access everything everywhere. Though WordPress allows you to create mobile responsive sites, but sometimes your website may face an error while loading on smartphones. But with Vonza, your website will be fully responsive on all devices so that users can view your content on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers.


Exclusive customizable themes

Themes give life to your website. With WordPress, you get limited customizable themes, which is a drawback for a website builder platform. With Vonza, you will get exclusive and multiple customizable themes and templates, which you can choose from as per your taste and choice. By adding images, text, or videos, you can easily customize any of the themes on Vonza.


Easy integration of website

Integration of a website is a must-have, but you might not be able to seamlessly use this feature on WordPress. On the other hand, the integrated platform of Vonza connects your website with your courses, digital products, sales funnels, and beyond, all connected together seamlessly in one place.


Quick social shares

Social shares are not as quick and easy with WordPress as it is with Vonza. With Vonza, your online site will have in-built social share buttons to help you increase social media exposure. With built-in social share buttons on your website created with Vonza, one can easily and quickly share your website and its articles on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.


More Additional Features

If you are a current Udemy user, then you might like many of its features that do not allow you to switch to any other platform, but without any second thought, you can instantly switch to Vonza because, as mentioned earlier, Vonza has all the features that Udemy have and you will be amazed to know that along with all those features, Vonza offers additional features as well that are much more newfangled and advanced. Have a look at what Vonza offers:

  • Membership site
  • Automated webinars
  • SMS text
  • Vonza forms
  • Beautiful websites
  • Email marketing
  • Vonza scheduling
  • Online store

SEO ready

A website must be SEO ready in order to rank on search engines like Google. Therefore while creating a website, the website builder platform must create an SEO-ready website so that it becomes easy and quick to rank the website on Google or any other search engine. Vonza optimizes your website to cause search engines to discover you. Moreover, the analytics tools of Vonza will help you in keeping track of site performance and visiting customers.


Subscription forms

Vonza offers the feature of adding subscription forms to your website. You can easily collect names and emails of your website platform visitors with the subscription forms. Grow your subscriber's list and stay in touch with your customers by sending them interactive email broadcasts. Easily email one or all of your subscribers within your Vonza created website.


Responsive customer support

Customer support is one of the most important things that customers crave for so that they can get instant assistance in case of any issue or problem. If we talk about the customer support of Vonza, then the only word that describes it is "Responsive." Though WordPress also offers customer support to all its clients, but the customer support team is not all time responsive and available. With Vonza, you will surely enjoy 24/7 chat and call support whenever you seek help.

The Bottom Line

Here you come down to the bottom line of this article. It all goes straight without saying that Vonza is an ideal and perfect WordPress alternative platform in all terms may it be functionality, customer support, or features. You might have already known how much does WordPress cost and since Vonza will cost you a bit more than WordPress. Still, it will truly prove to be amazing than WordPress as it offers everything that WordPress has, and additionally, Vonza also offers more advanced features as well. Therefore, without any second thought, switch to Vonza, build your website with the most amazing website building platform.

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