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Vonza Scheduling helps you manage your time and meetings.


A better way to manage your business


No more back-and-forth emails, no double booking. Only a few seconds to schedule an appointment with you.

Vonza Scheduling is a free online appointment scheduler that helps you to manage your meetings and online calendar. You can get rid of the old-fashioned method of using phone and email tags for scheduling meetings, events, appointments, demos, interviews, calls, and more. Help your customers schedule appointments with you online.

What makes Vonza scheduling stand above the competition?

It is simple and attractive to use. You can set your availability preference, share the link with your customers or prospects, or simply show it on your Vonza website platform and allow them to pick a suitable time for the event, which is added automatically to your calendar.

Once an event is created, it can be shared with invitees using a shareable link that will get generated right after the creation of an event, using this link end users/attendees can schedule the meeting.

Customer scheduling system made easy with the Vonza all-in-one platform

Use the Vonza scheduling to


Schedule free or paid one-on-one appointments.


Group scheduling and booking classes.


Client rescheduling.


Collect everything you need to know about a client as soon as they schedule.


A single user can schedule multiple upcoming events.


Booked events will directly get added to user’s Google / Outlook / iCloud calendar


Sends confirmation and reminder emails.


Free or paid appointment schedules (Allow attendee to pay using credit card or PayPal )

Vonza scheduling features

Organize your schedule.

Time zone intelligent

Auto adjusts for time zones so everyone is on the same page.

Control your availability

Sets daily limits for the number of meetings and minimum scheduling notice. Manage multiple locations and employees. Online appointment scheduling is made easy.

Easy notification

Get notified anytime a new appointment is scheduled. Check your schedule from your phone and automatically update your calendars.

Website embed

Allow users to schedule directly from your website or via a shareable link.

Easy cancellation

Your users can easily reschedule/cancel using confirmation email of booked meetings.

Gain loyal customers

Stop losing hot prospects, start gaining loyal Customers, and in turn increase revenue.

Improve team collaboration

Optimize time-saving with automated features.

Collect payments

Integrate payments from 130+ international currencies through Stripe connect credit card processing.


Save time and money with the free online scheduling tool.

Here’s how to get started

Free appointment scheduling tool


Create and customize your appointment schedule.

Let Vonza scheduling know your availability preferences.


Share your link

Share your personal appointment link with your customers or
integrate into your website, emails, or landing pages.


Your customers start making appointments

They book an available time with you and it's automatically added to your calendar and an email confirmation is sent to them to use to add to their calendar as well. You can also set the appointment to be a free or paid event.

Start growing with Vonza scheduling now

Free appointment scheduling tool