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10 Reasons to Choose Vonza As Your Udemy Alternative


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Vonza As A Perfect Udemy Alternative

Are you looking to sell online courses but confused by the multiple numbers of online course platforms? If yes, then you're at the right place because, in this article, we will let you know about one of the best online course platforms that will surely prove to be an Udemy alternative. Udemy for course creators is a top-rated platform where you can quickly sell online courses at ease, but with Vonza, you will get more additional features that will truly make you fall in love with this amazing platform.

One of the most important things to know about selecting the best online course creating platform is that most of the platforms out there are not explicitly designed to sell online courses. You might know very well about what is Udemy, so if we talk about Udemy courses, they are just made to deliver corporate training or to support academic programs. Still, with Vonza, you will get much more in an advanced form. So, choosing Vonza over Udemy free online courses will indeed prove to be your best choice if you're looking for an excellent online course creating a platform.

Still, confused regarding why Vonza is the best? Have a look at 10 reasons to choose Vonza as your Udemy alternative.


Vonza- Reliable platform to sell beautiful online courses

If you are looking for something to create and sell beautiful online courses, then Vonza is the perfect platform that is ultimately built for you. As your skills and experiences are valuable, Vonza will give you everything you will need to share your knowledge and expertise with millions of people globally. Udemy offers the same features but not as advanced and newfangled as that of Vonza. So, this makes Vonza a perfect Udemy alternative.


Access to course customers data

Having access to course customer data and emails is an essential aspect of online course platforms. If we talk about Udemy, Udemy itself owns all the data and email addresses of your course customers. On the other hand, with Vonza, you yourself will own and have complete access to your course customer’s data and email. This feature of Vonza outshines it from the rest of its competitors.


Ease of getting new students

Getting new students is not an easy task, and with Udemy, it requires a lot of marketing efforts to get new students for your online course. With Vonza, you will experience ease in getting new students. Vonza is undoubtedly the big winner when it comes to winning new students for your course without marketing. It is an active online learning platform and community where you can make the most out of your online course revenue through organic traffic. success with its advanced features and multiple tools.


Drip content creation

With Vonza, you will get the option of dripping content that might be missing in Udemy. It is straightforward to generate an online training course and drip the content with Vonza. Dripping content is when your customers will receive content bit by bit over a few weeks or months until they have access to the full library. Moreover, you can also drip certain specific menu posts or items, requiring users to view them in a particular order.


Customizable site themes

Just like Vonza, Udemy courses also offer customizable site themes, but they are not as effective and responsive just like that of Vonza. With Vonza, you can easily create your own profitable and beautiful online course website without any technical knowledge and coding. With a simple and easy drag and drop feature and customizable site themes, you can easily create a full-fledged online course website at Vonza.


Get 100% of course sales proceeds

Whenever you sell your online courses on any online platforms like Udemy or Vonza, one of the essential factors that you must consider is looking for how much of your course sales proceeds you will get from the platform. In the case of Udemy, you will get only 50% of your course sales proceeds, which is just half as compared to that of Vonza. With Vonza, you will own 100% of your course sales proceeds without any deduction. This is just like a cherry on the cake.


Fully mobile responsive

In this tech-savvy world, everyone wants to have access to everything with their smartphones. So, this makes it essential for a platform to offer mobile responsive features. With Vonza, your course website will be fully responsive on all devices, even smartphones, so that users can easily view your content on their mobile phones, tablets, and computers seamlessly without facing any glitch or error, which is not possible with Udemy as users may sometimes face glitch while accessing the online course on their smartphones.


Create engaging multimedia lectures

You can easily create engaging multimedia lectures with Vonza, which is not seamlessly possible with Udemy because not all online course platforms are equal. With Vonza, you can easily add video, image, text, audio, PDF files, eBooks, YouTube files, etc. You can even import your content from Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive.


More additional features

If you are a current Udemy user, then you might like many of its features that do not allow you to switch to any other platform, but without any second thought, you can instantly switch to Vonza because, as mentioned earlier, Vonza has all the features that Udemy have and you will be amazed to know that along with all those features, Vonza offers additional features as well that are much more newfangled and advanced. Have a look at what Vonza offers:

  • Membership site
  • Automated webinars
  • SMS text
  • Vonza forms
  • Beautiful websites
  • Email marketing
  • Vonza scheduling
  • Online store


Enjoy control free pricing

If we talk about the pricing of your course on the online course platforms, then some of the platforms may control your course prices and devalue your product while the other ones do not interfere in the pricing matters. With Vonza, you can enjoy 100% control free pricing as the platform does not control or discount your course prices, which is done in Udemy. So, with Vonza, enjoy control free pricing for all your courses.

Vonza vs Udemy comparison chart

Don’t just take our word for it, we've made a Udemy vs. Vonza comparison to show you which is better for online course creators.

Pricing (Lowest Plan)
All-in-One Platform
Customize Dashboard
Online Store
SMS Text
Digital Products
Membership Sites
Website Builder
Live Notifications
Phone Support across all plans
Sales Funnels
Drip Functionality
Sell Downloads
Unlimited Students
School Management System Software
Form Builder
Unlimited Emails
Appointment Scheduler
Free Migrations
Analytics & Reporting
Email Marketing
Order Management
Paid Events
No Transaction Fees
Forever Free Plan
Affiliate Partnership Program on all Plans
Simple Ease of Use
Payment Processor - Stripe, Visa, MasterCard, AmeX, PayPal

The Bottom Line

Here you come down to the bottom line of this article. From all the above points, you might have got a clear understanding about why Vonza is an ideal Udemy alternative in terms of an online course platform. With Vonza, you will get everything you love about Udemy, and additionally, you will get much more than that. Isn't it sound amazing? So, what are you waiting for? If you are currently using Udemy for business, then switch immediately to Vonza in order to experience what an ideal online course creating platform looks like!

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